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Grown in the Rockies.

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Large Single Organism

A stand of aspen trees is connected by their roots under the soil. It is the largest single organism, by area, on Earth.



Aspens are found between 5,000 to 11,500 feet.

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Aspens Grow Year Round

Beneath the thin, white outer bark layer is a thin green photosynthetic layer that allows the tree to create sugars and grow when other deciduous trees would otherwise be dormant.


Aspen has a dependable natural regeneration, which allows for clearcutting and thinning without impacting the habitat of many wildlife animals and birds.


Using Aspen

Due to it's toughness as well as exceptional stiffness, Aspen Wood provides great use for several products for both homes and commercial use. You can learn about most of them through our site.

Cosmetic Store

Beyond the Wood

The parts of the Aspen tree not featured in wood products such as some of the bark and leaves, can be used to make medicine to treat such things as joint pain, back troubles, nerve pain, and even bladder issues.


Aspen wood is the premier choice for wood paneling, and Aspen Wall Wood is the number one producer. As the original Tongue and Groove Aspen paneling supplier in the United States, our top of the line products continue to be unparalleled in quality, look, and durability. 



Aspen is beautiful, unique and intricate in design. Aspen is known for its bright and pure color, however, some Aspen trees boast darker coloring as well. Aspen paneling is used primarily in log homes, cabins, and rustic design, in addition to outdoor porches and ceilings. Whether you are looking for new home construction, home renovation, or smaller DIY home projects, consider Aspen wood for a truly unique and one of a kind installation.


Aspen is a durable and strong hardwood, yet is extremely light weighing about one pound per board foot. This makes aspen easy to handle and install. Our product is also very low maintenance, requiring only a sealer once in a lifetime.



Aspen is one of the most sustainably harvested tree of its kind. Its natural lifecycle, which quickly reproduces itself from its root system, is ideal for production. Seeding or replanting is not necessary.

  • The Aspen is always reproducing. Hundreds of new growth are released from a single Aspen root system. Aspen is the largest single organism in the planet.

  • The part of the Aspen that grows above ground can live between 40 – 150 years.

  • The root system of the Aspen can survive thousands of years.

  • Aspen regenerate from their root system after the trunk has been harvested.


Original & Established

Aspen Wall Wood is the original Aspen paneling facility and established leader in harvesting, milling and producing sustainable Aspen wood paneling. 

25 Years

25 years of perfecting the process.

Industry Leader

The uniqueness, beauty and quality of our aspen wood is a cut above all other lumber. Our milling process and attention to detail continues to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and needs.

Quality & Service

Unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service are the core of the operation.


For over 20 years, Satterwhite Log Homes has relied on Aspen Wall Wood, Inc. for premium quality aspen paneling and we have never been disappointed! From the ‘aim to please’ attitude to the ‘good enough is not good enough’ pursuit of quality, Aspen Wall Wood makes doing business with them a pleasure.

 Satterwhite Homes

We moved to Colorado from Chicago. I had never seen anything as beautiful as the Aspen Wall Wood paneling in a log home.

Satisfied Customer

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